Hickmann Eyewear presents new refreshing designs, encompassing acetate in novel geometric shapes, where the contrast between oversized and thin-rimmed models provides a contemporary look and extreme comfort.

This collection showcases vibrant colors, definitely not for the faint-hearted. Over the centuries, women have fought for their rights – the right to drive, the right to vote, the right to hold a paid job, the right to remain single, and also the right to be free to choose whatever they desire. This campaign is a tribute to the women who have fought for us all on political and artistic fronts.

It’s a revolution, baby!

The GO Eyewear Group creates and develops eyewear for brands that are globally recognized for their design, technology, and quality. GO Eyewear is committed to offering a high-quality product, developing market trends, and prioritizing the requirements of each customer. They have entrusted a team of professionals to create unique designs for each brand, utilizing the latest technologies.

With headquarters and logistics based between Portugal and Italy, GO Eyewear now has branches in major European cities and is present in more than 70 countries.